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As you can see, you're getting completely different answers. All of them are correct. It really doesn't matter. You'll make some users happier with left alignment, some happier with center alignment. At this point, you're just guessing. The only way to tell which is better is testing. A simple A/B test for a few days should tell you what you need to know.


I haven’t heard of any study about your question. But I can only base my opinions on readability issues, for this specific case. (See image) For the big paragraph text, is easier to read when aligned to left . It makes it a clear paragraph. Your 3rd option shows the typical “teeth” that annoys the readability. Also not applied in print design for such big ...


The question is about "best". You should first define "best", as there is no "one size fits all" best. It's all about target audience, contexts and objectives. your question is about text alignment, but you could also question the validity of displaying a list of features horizontally (even though it is used very widely, it does not make it the "best" ...


You apparently need 50 rep to comment, so I would just like to add to @riotgear's beautiful "context dependent" answer. You also asked about an "Acceptable amount of lines" I would say this is again dependent on context. Only this time, instead of it being around placement/surrounding, based on you user's viewing context: On the go, quickly scanning a ...


Just a thought, have you considered a: [left ] [ center ] [ right] design for a 3-part effect? In my expectation it would look good as the text content on either side emphasizes the content margins of the page, and logically centering the center one. Basically aligning them towards their region/portion of the row. Of course when/if ...


Because the image and text are differently in each case I would do the following. 1st grouping I would only use that in an aligned left scenario 2nd grouping I would have to use this in a centered design 3rd grouping I would use this only when floating like elements next to each other.


I have predominantly used #3, if you are doing many columns in a row left alignment creates off balance. In this site: http://www.booker.com or this site: http://tedmed.com/greatchallenges I have used center alignment. I think the number of lines does not matter as long as it works with its surroundings.

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