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It's intentional, grid-breaking design Grid-breaking is a common design technique used to draw attention to important objects on a page. By intentionally misaligning visual content to the page's natural grid lines, a designer can draw attention to a key piece of content on a page because the user's eye will naturally be drawn to that content. The ...


The overlapping is there to show the hierarchy between the two photos. The profile image is the more important one and the cover is an additional info that you can show to the user. Think of an example where those 2 photos were ordered differently, for example the cover photo first and beneath it the profile image. Your eyes will look first at the bigger ...


Treat a transition from federated login to mail and password the way you would treat a self-service password reset. Send a message to the address with a one-time link to create a password. Then when the user follows the link, invalidate it and open the change password form.

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