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Completely depends on the type of Application. If your application is bound to cater to users who might be drunk, let's say for example - a Texting app that imitates your original texting app so that User does not send drunk texts to others, the app just stores the texts so that the user only thinks he sent them but in reality, it won't. The idea is ...


Only if you value the feedback of an inebriated "full stack developer" who happens to be a "UX expert." Chances are good not many site visitors will fit that demographic.


There's an article out there that I can't find now that advocates doing guerrilla testing in bars because it's a social environment where people are willing to help out for the price of a beer. I like the idea, though I've never done it. You probably don't want to test with the heavily inebriated, but a beer and a half loosens people up and might make them ...


Only if you expect your users to be drunk as well. This is a marketing gimmick being dressed up as UX. Avoid.


No. In my opinion thats compeltely wrong because drunk people arent less experienced,they are less logical in their actions and more prone to do STUPID mistakes,and not real mistakes. If a drunk person trips over a ledge, is that ledge dangerous or the drunk person too drunk? If anything i think older people are much more likely candidates to find out ...

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