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This is an interesting question, and it's fun to see what other people use for their 'placeholders'. To answer your question, I'm not aware of any 'standard' fake company. I would suggest evaluating your user interface to ensure the user understands what a company or product really is. How can you achieve this? Using consistent language throughout the ...


Well, the company name should obviously be Initech.


I tend to use Massive Dynamic for a company and widgets for a product. Massive Dynamic has a nice generic sounding name, and while many people aren't familiar with the TV show Fringe, it gets a chuckle out of the ones that are. A widget is a fictional product and has a lot of industry-wide acceptance for being a placeholder for a real product.


I think your idea won't work well. Primarily because if I first end up in an interface where I expect to fill in forms and see a search bar, my first thought will be that I'm in the wrong place, I expect form fields where I can input my data. Users won't know how to submit their data using your approach. They will need to be instructed or guided, which is a ...


I think your analogy is a little incorrect: The pedestrian has every intention to cross on the correct signal but the system does not respond quickly enough for them. Button pressing is a programmed behaviour; we learn very early in life that when we press a button something happens - usually immediately. In the case of the crossing (also with lifts) we ...

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