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The easiest way to implement this is to say If a matching account was found an email was sent to user@email.com to allow you to reset your password. I've seen this on a few sites lately, though at the moment they are all escaping me. It struck me as a great way around this issue. It confirms to them if they entered the email account they intended to, and ...


I think you've answered your own question to the most part. I don't think it is a bad idea to show if the account you are trying to log into cannot be found by the login name provided. I would propose to: Show "Account not found" type of a message if the login is wrong Show "Login failed" type of a message if the login is found by password is wrong To ...


You could implement a security question(or two) into the "forgot password" process, which would basically act as a password to get/reset your password. So both the email address entered and the security questions answered would need to all match, validating the user is legit.

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