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Here's what I screen grabbed from Github a while back:


Long paragraphs should always be left-aligned, so as to avoid readibility issues. Centered content should be used for everything else, images, call-to-action, slogans, etc. You should also make sure the paragraph's font has the right size, as having less than 5 words per line will trigger readibility issues too, as well as more than 10.


For transactional emails, it's better to give the information front and center so that the user can easily get the information he's looking for. So, it will work for little content with a direct CTA. However,if you even have a paragraph of content, don't center align it. It has readability issues. This particular guide to transactional emails can help you ...


Why don't email companies provide a fix for this? For example, why don't they leave the filling of the "to:" field until after the user has typed the email? They do. There are commercial add-ins available that check for external recipients and asks users to confirm. This solution at least provides accidental sending of emails outside the company.


This might be a reasonable idea for someone just passing through who wants to comment without needing to create an account, but you'll have to make sure you're really careful and monitor the server / site closely. If you go down the route of e-mail authentication every time and your domain gets black listed, people won't be able to comment as the ...

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