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I think you're mixing things or your question is not clear. The common approach (let's say "the wheel") is to have 2 processes: one for the user unsubscribing to your marketing mails (a different discussion, but if this happens periodically, you're probably losing customers because you're infuriating users) and the other for the user not being an user of ...


I dont think that confirming the email address is just about having a communication channel to the user. I think that confirming emails is an absolute must, if not you have to cleanup in order to ensure that no one spoofs existing emails of other users. E.g. someone can register all emails of another user to troll him. Or if he merely mistyped his email, ...


If data loss is the result of beeing logged out automatically, always make sure the user is aware of the expiration. For example my bank will remind you on every page that your session will expire in a few minutes. If the user may login any time and resume where he left, the expiration time is not much of a concern. Implement a "Keep me logged in" checkbox ...


I think the suggestion @denislees offers makes sense. Also, by way of another example, below is how reddit (who require a title, but text in the message body is optional) does it:


Add a discrete link in a secondary focus area (top right) This is how Gmail managed to remove the CC and BCC fields from their compose window. In your case it might look something like this: The location and wording communicate that this is not a critical element of the process, yet at the same time, if a user was to think "How can I add a subject/...


I found some tips over here so I shared it with you below. Though I am not expert. Hope this will help you.

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