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I believe that it is meant to represent an analog clock, where the Undo function shows the time sweeping backwards, while the Redo shows the time moving forwards again.


I've done some search without any specific result, so I will answer considering usability principles and software history: Legacy The undo function was already here in the 70's but was not until the appearance and expansion of graphical interfaces and increasing popularity of desktop computers that it got its icon identity. In those times the users didn't ...


I believe it is to differentiate between the "Back Button" and "Forward Button" which is commonly represented with a straight arrow. Back buttons (and forward) represent and action that will navigate backward to a different place, i.e. the page that you were on previous to the current one. The undo button is round because it is rolling back to a previous ...


You can draw parallels with Facebook privacy settings (not sure if its the best example but users managed to figure out how to use it ) where you can put your friends into groups and define which content is accessible by which groups http://www.sexysocialmedia.com/facebook-privacy-matters/


Since you are asking about the position of the search box in question I would suggest moving it to the top of the screen. It seems that this location has become the default. You can see this in for example the default email app in Android, while the button for searching your emails in the buttom, the input itself goes to the top. While your application has ...


I'd suggest not have the search bar next to the keyboard for the following reasons: It starts to resemble the iOS text messaging interface which may cause confusion with some users Are you expecting users to need to search for keywords that often that it needs a persistent search bar? I'd recommend having a read of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines, ...


I'm no iOS-Expert but when you press Ctrl + F inside of Mozilla Firefox the Search is at the very Bottom, only searching the current page, while the global search such as google.com is at the very top. User Clint did a good Job with pointing out that there is a guideline for iOS Search boxes. Most times the upper part is something that has a higher order. ...

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