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It depends on how the company wants to brand itself to it's audience. is it as a discount site or something more exclusive? If you choose to be the latter then option 2 is better.


The following article / study may be relevant for you. The Design Management Institute (DMI) built an imaginary portfolio of large publicly traded companies that integrated design into their core strategies (they called this the "Design Index") and compared their stock performance against the S&P 500. They found, the Design Index return on investment ...


Hmm.. I know for a fact that many online retailers and banks with online presences have undergone "accessibility audits" to gauge how accessible their content is for disabled users. This is in part due to the lawsuit against Target where the violated the American's with Disabilities Act. Relevant to your specific industry, Stripe has seen such large ...


You can check share of each browser version to decide if you should support old versions of IE or not. According to most recent data published on http://www.w3schools.com/, in August 2015 less than 0.7% of users had IE8. If your website has low traffic then support of old browsers may be not cost efficient.

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