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as far as I know trust is a multidimensional construct (covering the dimensions of competence, benevolence and integrity) and therefore quite hard to grasp. That could explain why I couldn’t find any research related your particular question. With regarding to any UX related topic that hasn’t been empirically proven I always stick to practically proven ...


When you validate an email address, you are checking two things: Is this a valid email? Does this user have access to this email? The only way to do 1. is to send an email, and check that it doesn't bounce. And the only way to do 2. is to send an email with some information and check that the user received that information. That can either be done by ...


As above this is pretty dependant on your audience and brand but if your research indicates that colour is a large part of the purchasing decision something like this could be an effective way of putting that front and centre http://rflx.bjornborg.com/

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