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Depending on your use case, you can either provide a default value of the combo-box with the filter most of your users are going to use, (e.g. like To and From date if this is some ticketing site). You can also have a not-selected drop down that enforces user to select a value before you show next options to the user. This is useful when you want user to ...


If there are only 3 items in the drop-down (interval, comparison, options), couldn't you could display them in tabs instead of a drop down? Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 This won't work if you've got more than a few items in your drop-down. Also I'm wondering if those numbered boxes at the top of your screen are tabs or steps. If there are tabs then ...


One solution would be to use an accordion/step-like flow. The user would select the filter in step 1 and each accordion/step section has means allowing the user to go to next (or previous) sections. Example: http://jsfiddle.net/rmardeni/NDncE/49/ (I didn't create this, just Googled it)

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