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Anytime giving a personal touch to any application is a great Idea. While designing any application for the user (web or software) the initial design should not focus more on the implementation, but it does not mean that you should totally ignore the implementation. Coming back to what you asked, if the base app uses terminology that justifies the intent of ...


I think it makes perfect sense to present the user with something in their own language. It will make them much more comfortable using, exploring, and learning your system.


Never ever update when user is deciding. It is just to frustrate your user while using your app There is no status when the alarms are generated, how do the user know what alarm was generated at what time Don't steal control of the selection from user Here is my visual solution


It seems like you have a lot going on here. One way to slim down the cognitive overload is to ditch the modal path. If alarms are an important part of the interface, make them persistent. An option to collapse this persistent view is better than forcing everyone to click the button. With a persistent view, the nature of the dynamic loading (whether top or ...

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