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I reckon by 'the end of the browser' you mean 'the fold' - the bottom edge of the view. The standard solution for this is to display to popout above the field. Many common JQuery popups do this automatically. Here's Select2, for example (which also change position based on scroll - neat):


This approach might show your ability to come up with smart solutions 😊 You have added everything in a drop down menu that can be put on a page. This makes the code really lengthy and hard to maintain across browsers. But from the perspective of a user, this is a bit complicated. A user might not have previously been exposed to a menu like this plus if ...


A drop-down filter should have have (show (all)) by default. I think having a default value is important and leaves the user in no doubt about what is being displayed at any given time.


Not a megamenu This isn't really a mega-menu per-se (a mega menu is just a bolted menu, but it still behaves like a menu). This is more of a (get ready...) collapsable-macro-sitemap within a microsite. The firefox section of the Mozilla website can really be seen as a microsite - with nearly everything being firefox related (nav, branding, etc.). A ...


If the control is an optional filter, then searching with the default means that you will see results for all leadership position types. When a user looks at their filter, it is nice for them to be able to immediately understand what is included in their results set. To make this clear, the text for the default option should contain the word "All".


Having it blank is fine. Personally I like to use a few dashes. I've also seen (All Positions) as the text. The main thing is to make sure it is consistent throughout your entire application. That way the user only has to learn it's meaning once.

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