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Take a look at what websites with a lot of options (such as eBay) have done with their filtering criteria. The advantage in this is they've done a lot of user testing already to arrive at their current filtering methodology. All those scrolling dropdowns where you can select random items (I'm assuming with [ctrl+click]) has a high probability for user error ...


I would use native components as much as possible and then work the rest of my style around what is already understood and known to perform well on the given platform. 1. Make sure a drop down is really necessary The main problem with using a drop down control is that data is hidden until the user interacts with it. This may not be avoided when you have a ...


I would go with the UX solution, and this is why: The two options you considered differ on the response to clicking on the label of the item. This controversy was raised because clicking on the label does not have a clear affordance as to what it does. A user will not know what this click does until he actually clicks. Hence, I support the less ...


I would go with the UX recommendation described above. You could do a couple quick user tests and see how people expect it to behave to support your hypothesis.

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