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I find this to be helpful. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb158706.aspx What's important is to remain consistent.


If the question is taken at face value, i.e. strictly a choice between the →/↓ arrows or the +/- signs, then I suggest using arrows. Arrows denote the direction and a sense of movement to another place or view. +/- signs could be construed as meaning add / remove. For example it looks like I can add a manufacturer, or add an Extra item. While, the minus ...


I don't have any "official" or user tested information about this, but in the examples you have detailed in your question, the sentence case works well for answer which are based around a response you would generally hear someone speak. It makes sense that "value" answers would be capitalized. i.e. Express Delivery Economy Delivery


Your task is quite typical. For example, look how they do it for marking emails and mimic this interaction. This will guarantee intuitiveness of your UI. Keep in mind "noun"−"verb" is more appropriate interaction style, where "noun" is an object, and "verb" is an action. So user first selects multiple items and then applies action to the selection. For ...

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