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In the case of language selection, we're talking about localization, so I would suggest that it is a 'localization dropdown', 'localization navigation' or something along those lines. Neither of those sound particularly snappy though. Hope this helps.


If you want sex just say it. Stop leaving dirty magazines on my pillow. No doubt, a title needs explaining: to label each one w/ their respective code Good idea - clear and not ambiguous. place an icon next to each code representing a code type (then the user somehow has to know what the icons mean) Icons are troubles as they are rarely clear ...


The filter depends on the type of data. Below, I use the word 'commonly' a lot because its relative to the surrounding design, other UX elements and how the element of discussion influences the ease of use. A Google seach involving "search filter best UX practices" will produce you many different perspectives of which you can devise your own opinions Sort ...

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