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I also agree with the "grippy dots" (option D) as they are documented here: What is the best icon to show that something can be dragged and reordered? Think that the hamburger could be misinterpreted easily and the other options aren't as clear as they could be.


In many drawing programs, grab is used to move the drawing surface (canvas) around, i.e., to show a different part of it. This is called panning. Move is used to move the selected object around within the canvas.


Move objects to rearrange them, grab objects to perform operations on them The move cursor should be used when objects are just being rearranged (translated) without any alteration to their properties other than position. For example: Rearranging shapes on a canvas Rearranging items in a list The grab cursor is usually used for drag and drop operations ...


From my experience, the grab and grabbing cursor behaviour works when you need an explicit hover and click & hold behaviour for movable UI elements, which makes sense for desktop applications because these are standard cursor interactions. The move cursor tends to be used when there is no particular need to differentiate between the hover and click & ...

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