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I would not suggest doing a screen-based style guide, but I would recommend doing a visual .png comp of each view - one image with notation and one without. The notation points to customized elements, but mostly the view can be built by referencing a central online style guide. I have been phasing in a component-based, living (HTML) UI style guide at our ...


One thought is audience. You mention developers, but do you have a QA Team as well? How about the people writing the requirements? The reason I mention the other audience members, or users of the 'documentation' is that their needs can differ. We use to use a word/ .chm file, text based, when I started. For my team, I took key elements and turned them ...


My development team produces a living style guide that serves both of the purposes you mention. We don't bother with anything like a Photoshop file or a PDF guide because these fall out of date quickly and require work to translate to your production medium (HTML). Using HTML, you can produce a living template that shows off the proper usage of all your ...


Why not create a PSD of your UI elements. For example this is the UI Guide created by Teehan+Lax for the site Medium.


"Enter key" is a more popular choice than "Return key". According to Google ngrams. I'd therefore write "Press Enter" unless I could be certain that the users have a specific keyboard with a specific label on the key want them to use.


To be frank, only a selected few are aware that the Enter and Return keys are not the same - whether you refer to it as Enter or Return, users will press either buttons (if they have both buttons). This is due to the fact that very few software products where the Enter and Return keys do different things (Avid's Pro Tools is the only example I can give). My ...


What is the target platform for your CLI application? This should guide your decision. Enter is more common on non-Apple keyboards. Return is the standard for Apple keyboards with 'enter', as you point out, sometimes written about the key. A third incarnation is simple using an icon on the key: If you use a single word to describe the key, you should ...

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