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Too often in UX design we find both new and experienced designers debate over the definition of terminologies. Before I give my take on the answer it is important firstly for you to consider what you want to do and why you are doing this. Thinking about this first will guide you to creating the right assets regardless of what it is called, and I encourage ...


I think it's better for the user to know why he can not do any action. So just don't hide or disable the Button, but show him why he can't push it. Like un forms, you can't submit if required fields are stille empty.


Usually there is one question that I ask while designing such an interface. Does any user action change the state of the control that is currently disabled? If any user actions toggles the state of the control then it makes sense to have those controls visible but in disabled state. If the control will never be enabled then it makes sense to show it as a ...

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