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The reason why the old password field is shown is to validate you are the account holder. The reason why the new password field is repeated twice is because the password fields are usually masked and the user cannot see what they are typing, so by asking twice you ensure there are no unintended typos (after all we are only human and make typing mistakes all ...


There are a couple of things going on here. If a user has chosen or been prompted to change their password it is usually for security reasons. The requirement for a password that differs from the old one depends on the level of security you need to implement: In financial institutions they often require a password of more than 8 characters which must ...


I feel you need to refer the, after submitting the comments, it shows process icon with message. For submission of article, showing the progress/process icon would be better. Showing as background save would not fit here. Background task best fits in File sync, download and etc.


I like HKYL's suggestion, but I would add that even if something is happening in the background, you should indicate that it is happening to the user, no matter what the conditions are. For some users, having no indication of any progress can create anxiety and uncertainty about how the system is working and if their work is going to be retained. We can ...


You should put it in the background. When it fails, pop up a notification and/or a black bar that says something like "Publishing failed. Retrying...". And also, if the user requests the list, and the app knows it's still uploading, it just should add a little mark, that says "In progress...".

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