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A proposition from me is to use the #3 option starting the message with apology, then briefly explain why the action is unavailable and finally provide instructions on how to fix the error if possible. Sorry, the action is unavailable due to this. Go here and change this. Ideally the error message will be concise with red colored and should point to ...


Is this good design? Specifically why or why not? What would you change about it? If you are referring to the flag states of deactivated with an error like state, then I would say this isn't a good solution. The 'why not' springs from my understanding of how everyone reads from top to bottom and how in this example the user is presented a deactivated ...


Ill go as far as saying: dont confirm the cancellation of the sign up. but on the login screen afterwards, provide a "no worries, continue signup where you left off"

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