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In many UIs, you can input a number directly in a spin box without using the arrows. Taking this fact into account, I think that you should use a spin box only when it makes sense for the user to change the value using the arrows instead of inputing directly a new value. In my opinion, using the arrows makes sense only when you need to increment/decrement a ...


Use spin boxes when the value being entered is a numerical value within a range, and don't use them when the number instead represents an identity (e.g. port number). Especially consider using spin boxes if the value is a numerical value where you want to encourage particular increments (e.g. thousands)


Actually the accepted answer does not show one main reason why it has been made this way. More than visual perception, putting a fixed bar at the bottom of a modal popup which has actions (like "OK" button in your examples) will let the user see the possible actions even if the content section is too big to fit in a small screen -->There is a scrollbar. ...

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