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I like to label buttons with the action they perform where possible. In the dialogue you describe, I would try something like this:


In my experience working for my company and developing user interfaces for automated machines, i've seen that the only case where such windows and dialogs are required is when critical functions are activated and the application must be blocked until such operations terminate. In all other cases always on top windows/dialogs result annoying and frustrating ...


It's not appropriate to keep the upgrade notice on the very top, regardless of which other applications you might want to use, while the application in question upgrades itself. Window management and the Z order of windows Your question is about the stacking order, or Z order, of windows. I assume you're dealing with a PC or tablet, since small devices ...


You should keep the button labels as short as possible and they should be simple commands. So yes/no is better than long descriptions for each button. However, rather than yes/no, more descriptive commands like discard/keep are preferred. The description should, instead, be placed in the text area of the dialog. Take this example from Microsoft's Dev ...

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