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When you block the HTTP transaction serve a simple explanation HTML page of your own to the client with an explanation of what your software blocked and why.


If you're willing to actually change the HTML, you could change the (hovering) cursor to use the "not allowed" one. You'd have to tweak the styling. JSFiddle link to a sample behavior here (I'm not sure how to take a screenshot showing the mouse cursor): http://jsfiddle.net/jLwbdoyz/2 Also your filter application could play a warning sound when it blocks ...


Animate a symbol such as 🚫 (red circle with line through) floating momentarily from the mouse location.


I don't mind a link to the web site on a menu, for example under the Help menu. (eg. Help -> Website) There are times when you want to: Look up documentation Check for an upgrade Get help Check system requirements View tutorials Refer the app to a friend ... and can't remember exactly what site the app came from, so some sort of link back to the site ...


Whether a pattern is "better" or not is completely related to the users need and project constraints. It's hard to determine in your mockup if what your attempting to create is a faceted navigation, or an advanced search. I suspect it's the former. In order determine if a solution is "better" we would first need to know more specifics about the user and ...


TRACE < DEBUG < INFO < WARN < ERROR < FATAL Logs has its own standard and i am favor of using the same standards. For a user, logs is not really a need but for a developer it is a must. If your first user will not need a log area you can make it hidden/shown with a toggle button. If your log has various division like above you can also try ...


think overall the experience could be improved by making it easier for the user to skim through the log instead of reading it. adding some kind of visual differentiation on various statuses or actions with colors or icons for different statuses event logs from some games and notifications on social apps or websites seem to be much more user friendly

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