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The more cruft you can cut, the more efficient you can be in conveying your message.


What a great question, Niklas. I'm a huge fan of minimalism so I took a chance to write an elaborate answer. First, I beg to differ: the art movement and the design style are not the same thing. “Minimalism” as an eponymous art movement has formed in 60s, after the WWII, taking it’s roots in various precessing art movements such as Constructivism, ...


Advantages - Minimalist Web Designs Have Faster Download Speeds Easy Maintenance People Do Not Like Pop-Ups Helps the Focus on Content Convert Better White Space Helps Your Website “Breathe” Easier Navigation Fewer Server Resources Less Maintenance Easier Responsive Web Design


I think this answer can be summed up by one simple rule: Space is your friend! It's not just about being minimal in everything, as dropdowns/headers/footers/menus/etc. can be hidden/flyouts/modals/on other pages/etc., it's more about not cluttering up your page so the user's eye goes where you want it to by giving the appropriate amount of space so as not ...

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