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You could use Googles Material Design as inspiration here. While you describe the component you're designing as a table, it also sounds similar to a list pattern. When designing lists, material design guidelines recommend placing the primary action on the left and secondary actions on the right.


I believe that the number of columns in this table is the real decider. Without an example table this is all conjecture, I would recommend adding an image so people understand what you are asking. However, that being said, lets' examine your table interaction. Examination: Based on your own words, "EDIT" is the main control. If we are dealing with simple ...


Typical number of rows is likely to be the decider. For example, if you have a few rows, Edit buttons might look ok, but if you have many rows each with a Edit button then this might over dominate the visual design, so hyperlinks on column one would lead to a cleaner, less dominant visual design. I personally prefer to use hyperlinks on the primary piece ...

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