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To answer the question you would need to look at two things in particular: Best practice for bullet points Optimal length of characters per line Best practice would suggest that the purpose of a bullet point is to summarize or create an easily scannable list of items. The more you increase the length of the content in that bullet point item, the more you ...


InVision does this beautifully as long as everyone sticks to it. In InVision you get to upload images of your design, create interactive prototypes and share them as web links with clients and colleagues. People can comment in line (that is, as with PDF's create comment bubbles projected on the design), and you as the owner can view the process in a timeline ...


I know this might sound very basic, but I just keep track of everything through Google Drive. I will sit down with a client and discuss what makes the most sense. During that process, I take a ton of notes and talk through the things with the client that they like and don't like. For example, if a client tells me they don't want Feature A because of X, Y, ...


How about combining them by singer? [a][b][c][d][e] Elvis - (13 songs) Ernie Wood - (2 songs) Browsing is helpful for users who are not familiar with artists. For those who are familiar and looking for specific songs/artists, search function would be best.

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