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I think Fontbook should suit your requirements. It covers nearly 37,000 typefaces and every typeface has details about era, foundry, usage, designer, library, release date, number of sub families, font weights, glyphs per font, and trademark. It's a really well organized app. More about the app here.


I believe that what this really boils down to is that you are using the wrong control for the job. Most often when designing an interface, if you can't easily map an input to a certain control, it's not the correct control to be using. In this case while a slider might look more streamlined and attractive, you've noticed their limitation; They exist to ...


I 100% agree that there should be an option for a user to be able to cancel or go back rather than be forced to just save a draft. The following links are to iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Android Design Principles in an effort to support this arguement: iOS Human Interface Guidelines (Navigation) - ...

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