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You can try this one. It's called the Project Guide to UXD: http://www.amazon.ca/Project-Guide-Design-experience-designers/dp/0321607376


You can't get more thorough than Designing For the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin. It covers – in incredible detail for all conceivable situations – a project from inception to production. Explains how to build a team, how to properly research, how to build personas, and so on. It's a heavy read, but there's something in it for everyone. Highly recommended. ...


Have you looked at Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf? There is a Lean UX conference coming to NYC in April: http://2015.leanuxnyc.co/


When you wireframe first, you are defining a solution before you know what you are trying to resolve. You have to define the problem before you know how to design the solution. Hence, requirements state what a product needs, not the solution. Also are your wireframes literally ideation pieces for discussion, or are you striving towards fully functional ...

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