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This Might Not Exist It may be the case that there isn't a canonical-enough reference to satisfy your particular needs. You'll likely end up with a list resources, each of which is strong in certain aspects, and weak in others. e.g. Microsoft's patterns are up-to-date and expansive, but are the delivered in the context of proprietary software. ...


I don't know if there is a web resource that actually classifies GUI design patterns. We always refer them with the company they are developed in. You can use this site to see many of them at http://findguidelin.es/ Usability.gov's list http://www.usability.gov/how-to-and-tools/methods/user-interface-elements.html Input Controls: checkboxes, radio ...


I've used tools like http://patternlab.io for that in the past. As you work through the site extract elements into the style guide. But it's a manual process, not automated.


I thought this was a pretty good list. I liked how they gave multiple names when appropriate. http://designingwebinterfaces.com/essential_controls


Everything looks click-able on a mobile device :-P What I don't understand, is your desire to drag the user into every corer of your app. As I see it, the graphs will give the (novice) user sufficient information. I'm pretty sure that more advanced users would tap the label or the graph if they wanted to read more about the details. But I'm not sure, ...

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