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You could introduce some way to set a specific priority (an icon, double clicking the existing priority column, etc). If I need to move from 345 to 13, I double click the 345 and type 13, hit enter and that row zips up to position 13 (former 13->14, 14->15, etc). I would likely combine multiple solutions. Click and Type is good for setting a specific ...


I think it's still called as ' tag auto suggestion' or ' comment auto suggestion'


I don't think there is a particular name for it. It's still auto-suggestion or auto-completion except its relevance is localised to the immediate context (typically single words) rather than affecting the entire phrase. This type of feature might have additional smart behaviours for the specific context and be given a marketing name, like some kind of ...


I am no Brad Frost, but I came up with my own way of communicating this type of information to stakeholders and clients in a more direct and simple method that I called "Design Experience Language" There are basically three abstract components that you design around: View - where something is Content - what you see Trigger - how you interact with it ...

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