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Which one is better The one that fits the needs of the particular date better. Context is everything. If only the numeric date is important, your first option is nice. If understanding the particular day-of-the week is important, the calendar is nice.


I assume it depends. Both version have pros and cons and you have to weight them to see which one fits better to your task. For typing in a birthday, the first version is better because you think in terms of month/day/year, the date is far away from the current date and you don't really care about the day of the week. For scheduling a meeting sometime next ...


This is a bit of a "Apples to Toboggans" comparison. Your first date picker with individual year, month/day/year selections is functional and will let you pick any potential date. (We can't tell from the screenshot but I'm going to presume you can't pick Feb 31st... e.g. there's some logic to filter the options to ensure validity) In a typical scenario you ...

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