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Use "past year, past month, past week." If you say "last year" and it was 2016, users assume you mean 2015. Using the word "past" implies that you mean rolling days, thus making it much more understandable. The same thing applies for months and weeks.


A simple text input is the best. The input should be able to parse the data and come up with the most appropriate date. One such I have been using is SlickDate (


A screenshot from iOS Health app: No past or last. Simple. Understandable. Fit for smaller screens.


On Tuesday, 21 June 2016: Since: | birth | June 2015 | 20 May | Wednesday | Here are my alternative suggestions: Since: | 0 | Jun’15 | 20May | Wed | From: | start | year ago | month ago | week ago | Only: | Past | Past year | Past month | Past week | Only: | Past | … year | … month | … week | Only: | Any | A year | A month | A week | Only: | All | 1 ...


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups The dropdown menu is a better idea, and it fits on most screens. Also, you should include a "custom" option. You can't imagine how many people are FRUSTRATED everyday because THERE IS NO CUSTOM OPTION! That said, the mockup is an example of a diary app with the dropdown menu.


I would skip the 'Last' altogether and go with Lifetime | 1 year | 30 days | 7 days At most it would take the user one try to remember what it means, especially if you display the date range of the selected period once selected


Be clear Here's an example of this type of control from a business intel app I worked on. This is used like a semented control across the top of various reports and Dashboard widgets. What you've described may fit your space, but it's semantically incorrect. If it's June and your date control is labeled Last month, that clearly means May. What you're ...


It might be confusing at first, but the disambiguation comes quickly: Showing data for the month before the current one exclusively is silly. No one would consider such a feature. As soon as you click on it, you'll see what appears. You may also add the indication of the precise time range somewhere (with actual dates) after the user selects one option. ...


Consider this: | Past year | Past month | Past week | This is much less likely to be misunderstood than "last year", and is a common way of presenting menus for selecting a time range. For example, the filters for Google search and Reddit's top posts use this exact wording.


Given today's date, 6/20/2016, I offer my users these choices: Today 6/20/2016 Yesterday 6/19/2016 Last 7 Days 6/14/2016 - 6/20/2016 Last 30 Days 5/22/2016 - 6/20/2016 This Month 6/1/2016 - 6/20/2016 Last Month 5/1/2016 - 5/31/2016 This Year 1/1/2016 - 6/20/2016 Last Year 1/1/2015 - 12/31/2015 All Time First ...


|All| or last | 365 | 30 | 7 | days


I have been taking into consideration these 2 patterns by Google for Business and Sharedesk for a similar situation where I needed to manage exceptions to an otherwise fixed calendar. You could easily implement a calendar widget or fixed time spans in a dropdown such as "next week" or "next month". I think these are quite compact and flexible enough ...


If the "rule" (the schedule the user sets) can be altered for specific days, I think you can simplify in a few ways. A few suggestions: 1) The user can change the schedule for one or more days. So it would be good if the user could edit a whole week that he or she will be on vacation, right? So instead of editing day by day of the week, it would be easier ...


as a layperson, short American dates with four digit years work best if that's your audience. 12/1/2016


I think there are more conditions than what you have mentioned above. I would think of the following : 1- I agree with Diego - Calendar-based booking is very effective and allows the customer to choose the date and time in a convenient manner. 2- What if there are more than 1 or 10 customers, and the calendar looks full, how can the customer finds the ...


Considering I've understood your question well - I think showing consultant's calendar to customers would be appropriate with book button -

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