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In the United States, MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY are accepted norms. US puts month first, where a lot of the rest of the world puts day first.


YYYY-MM-DD is the standard date format, but almost nobody knows it. My personal preference for clarity is DD/MMM/YYYY with the month as a three-letter abbreviation. If I were making an app, though, I'd use whatever format is standard on the user's device, as per locale settings.


It depends so much on context. As JonW stated on a legal document will be different from an informal You say list and date made. If you want to compare dates then I find YYYY-MM-DD effective as sort by date goes from left to right. A 4 digit year makes it clear that it is year. And do 1 as 01 so 09 is left to right sort before 10. And I even use ...

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