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Can you explicitly ask how they want to enter the dates? Then display it to reflect that? e.g. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


For me, I think it'd be best to ask for the date of interest, then select the version based on that. I've done a lot of work on bitemporal databases and found this to be a good approach, although of course it depends on your user's expectations.


Majo0od's answer is the way I always prefer time-sensitive things to be displayed. It seems weird if something is listed as "[Today's date] [Current time, +3 hours]" if the event is simply 3 hours away, yet I don't want something 14 and a half days from now saying "348 hours from now" either. I'd suggest formatting due dates as Majo0od suggest by default, ...


Why not use both of those solutions? Facebook does this by how relevant the time is to you such as: A post that was put up today will show: But once the post becomes older, it will do this: So in your case, you could use both depending on how relevant it is. If the due date is a month from now you can go into details: "Do the dishes - Monday, ...

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