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Ballistics A concept some term ballistics provides a good guide for this. It asserts that: A system should not interrupt a user while performing a task, until the latest point possible or necessary. The idea is that users formulate an action plan for a task (or subtask) and any interruption that is not essential diverges users from their original plan ...


It depends on the context. For example, the most common use for dates in an email program is viewing the most recent messages. In this context, sorting undated messages as newer than everything else would clog up the view, so undated messages get sorted as if they were infinitely old. On the other hand, if lack of a date represents an incompletely-entered ...


I have zero experience of iOS listener events (if that is what they are called). This is the way I would deal with this (if I have understood the context properly). So your application requires the user to be above a certain age. Say 13, you would expect the user to enter in the year field a value equal to or less than 2002. If this is your goal showing ...


We face that ALL the time at work (sales orders, etc...). The newest items default to the top and the dateless items are placed at the bottom (under the oldest date). To find them the user has to select ascending order to place them at the top. Users don't have the slightest problem with them.


In OS X Finder "No Date" items are shown last (after the oldest), there is no sorting by ascending order there, but I personally would still keep it at the bottom of the list in ascending order, too.

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