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The simplest solution I can think of is a numerical text input followed by a drop down for unit size - something like this: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


This Wikipedia article should be what you're looking for. A good chunk of the countries use DMY format (i.e. 2 August 2015), so using that would cover a pretty large amount of people. Quite a few also use the YMD format (i.e. 2015-8-2), however, and America uses the MDY format (i.e. August 2nd, 2015). Also, each country differs in not only the order but ...


I'm going with the assumption all calendar days offer the same tour, 1 tour a day, happening at the exact same time. But some days are more expensive than others. Price is set per person/seat. You would like visitors to sign up for a seat. Because you're showing a couple pieces of info for each day. It's likely going to be too cluttered/confusing to try and ...


Depends on the a couple of things, but because it's a calendar I'd probably make sure that you saw a month view with a small link that displays how many available slots there are left on every single day. Any full days should be highlighted in a different color, with potentially the option to reserve a spot if anyone cancels. Then when selecting the link ...

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