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Here is my result that follows your suggestions: The top overview: just some font size and color adjustment. The second layer: Changed background color, font color is darker than in first layer. Added a box shadow to the selected row in first layer and a gradient in the second layer. Also the highlight color is darker. The third layer: Same changes as ...


In my experience this is one of those places where shadow works great to show deeper layers. A slightly different font weight/color treatment would help as well.


This is a bit of an awkward question. Perhaps you should start with the basic premise... as a user of this system, what are some of the items I would want to edit on mass? Then your next question would be what is a good approach to allow users to perform these edits. In the broadest sense, if the user needs to bulk change everything, then the functionality ...


I agree that it's an odd implementation. I would do the following: Always leave the edit box enabled and have it show the current value. If the user wants to override the value, they just have to click in the edit box and type. Change the Use Default checkbox to a Reset button. Clicking the button would set the value in the edit box to the default. ...

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