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First option is much more explanatory for the user. I would use some blank slate that describes the cause (why the table is empty, who & when erased it) and possible actions that can be undertaken (Undo, Import of new data). If your product allows to manually fill in the table, you need some empty rows at the beginning, with option to add more of them. ...


My suggestion would be to go for a generic title for your expenses\planned column since it establishes a base reference for what the column is about. I would recommend showing the actual value i.e. Actuals or Planned in the row itself since it would establish a reference as the user scans from left to right . Another reason you need to ensure your table ...


You could use the Google Drive approach and have a Share button in each element of the list (considering they are separate reports) and it would show which users has the report being shared with, while giving the option to share it with multiple users. This separate page/box allows you to fulfill two use-cases while giving you granular control over the ...


You can add some visual clue showing the icon can be changed. Maybe a little pencil or an arrow


Why not put the filters in the top right of the navbar and then add the current state of the filters where you have the button now?


In general, avoid actions that are invoked simply by clicking on a cell value, as these are hidden actions that won't be clear. To me the only thing that would be intuitive is clicking on a cell to get more details about that cell, as this is a standard web drill-down paradigm. As long as the cell value is clearly a link, this will work. But it isn't ...

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