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In think the first option of the two is the best. The pencil is a logical symbol for editing. And it would only be a waste of space if you would put the cross for deleting there, if it is not used often. However, I would prefer to not have the radio buttons there on your popup window. Instead, I would have a smaller [x] or trashcan button on the left of ...


I think you could solve the problem by not displaying any of those buttons, but instead: Facilitating the editing of an item by clicking on the relevant row, and Hiding the lesser-used action of deleting within an action menu. As in my mockup below: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


Personally, an option like dennislees' makes the most sense; text is much clearer than an icon. The visibility icon is instantly recognisable, but I found it unclear before reading the explanation how to apply the recognized meaning to the table. However, you're right about a dropdown being less pleasant to use. One option is to simply keep dennislees' ...


For me the eye toggle makes sense, as an Adobe user I know immediately what it means. Your users may not use those products, and there may be copy write with Adobe to consider there. The toggle switch is functionally the same, as would be a square check box. So for me the toggle switch with a labelled column fits and would seem constant to the design.In ...


What about an affordance that says "You can click here to reveal more options'. Clicking reveals both options. Like a stylized dropdown selector. You still have the same, slight, problem as with the toggle i.e. the prominence of that type of editable element makes other less obvious elements seem less editable. But I think you could mitigate that by ...


If you use Yes/No, your users will have to reference the top of the table to work out what that means. Even regular users will do this - possibly without consciously realising they are doing so. If you use Actual/Planned, your users will know what they need without needing to reference anything else.

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