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From Wikipedia: In statistics, a histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of data. It is an estimate of the probability distribution of a continuous variable. The emphasis is on continuous variable, as opposed to discrete variable. The histogram In the top histogram you've presented, the X axis is time, which is continuous in this ...


Information stagnation, low visitor count and user boredom is the death knell to any website, public or private, as it fails to achieve any useful objective. An intranet does not work alone. Success depends on people talking to each other (one of the side benefits of an intranet is it targets people in the same organisation who talk to each other): Have you ...


A zoomable graph/chart is the best way I've seen to present multi-scale data over time, or to look at the same data over different time scales. Weatherspark is a good example of a zoomable chart. You can use the mousewheel to expand or shrink the time scale, and the graph dynamically adjusts how it displays the information (as an average, as a range, etc).

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