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Replace all short (>=5) lists in comboboxes with button ranges, as explained here Yes, having a precise entry input form is a good idea. Consider using a sliding wheel with values (like in the iOS date picker) for weight and age, it is easier to operate than slider on touch. Your search list might ...


I think you're on the right track. However, I do think you need to consider a few things. Multi-step forms My wife's parents own a farm and you never know what can happen on any given day (tractor breaking down, missing cows, faulty livestock scales, etc) so I would provide: a way for the user to select which part of the multi-step form they want to ...


I would say your option 3 is better. In option 2 you are again pushing user to edit same record which is frustrating and bad UX for user.


If you want to know the best solution from a user experience perspective, create mock-ups of a couple of those options and test them with a few people (you can use simple mock-ups to test design ideas) - you don't need to test with many people, and you will soon see which option one works best. I only say this because I work with Enterprise software and it ...

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