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Some reasons: Not everybody can speak Not everybody can speak clearly enough for voice recognition to work well Not everybody wants to enter text in a environment quiet enough for voice recognition to work well Speech input is clumsy at handling homonyms, accents, formatting, indentation, and multi-key keyboard shortcuts, among other things Not everybody ...


I would move it to below the original statement and paramaterize it. Question 1 is on before or after. question 2 adds another form for the frequency. Do that below Then they can publish it or complete the item. This also might be better for a responsive design vs making it horizontally bigger. I prefer to use more space down the page vs across it to ...


I recently provided an example of an app I was working on for this exact use case, a nurse entering a patient's birth date: Should I ask the user to enter their age or their birthday?


The "on" vs the "before/after" does make it a bit tougher and even made me think about things like is the "after" really even an option? But, I messed with the idea of letting the user pick from between "sending on" vs "sending before/after" and once selected, the additional fields show up that would help fill out "the sentence." If the user chose "send ...

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