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Activity-centric views This is more than IA, it's a question of the entire user journey through your application. Step back and consider what activities your user is engaged in. Are there roles and activities that follow a business process or path to discovery about key insights? What do they need in front of them (and what drill-downs do they need behind ...


It's the information architecture This question is about information architecture, or IA. That is, it's about how to organize the pages or the content. The good news is you can do research to determine which design suits your users. Otherwise, given the lack of context in your question, people who answer would be shooting in the dark. A good tool for IA ...


while the context of these scenarios are different should the visualization also be different? Not necessarily, as long as your message does not confuse the user and provides the right copy in the right context. More details Upon first login the user may expect that there may not be enough data for the dashboard or if it takes time to update the ...


You could change the charts to reflect current situation and mix in some emotional design. For example if you have a chart with time axis put in the actual/recent dates and show an imaginary progress from the time user first signed-up.

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