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A few thoughts: Time-multiplex the data. You can cycle through the sets of statistics, displaying each set for about 10 seconds. That way, you can use the entire screen to show only one set. This is only good if it’s not particularly important for users to see every statistic all the time (e.g., the TV is intended to provide an occasional motivation boost ...


In SharePoint Online (Office 365) this page is called Service Overview which is the first thing you see on the dashboard (link on the left navigation). If displays all services, their health and planned maintenance. It may be appropriate to your case.


This is an answer based on my comment above. Looking at it from a user's POV, I'd like it if each section was clear and it was easy to read and understand what I can do where. That gives me that idea that you could organise your page into two main sections: current keys (categorised) and generate new keys. Here's a mockup of said design: I think this ...


This may be altogether wrong, so don't mind it in that case. But I like the way you can control your sessions in facebook (on the URL https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security&section=sessions&view). There you have control over where you're signed in, when to end it or keep it going. It's not the same as your problem, but having a list like ...

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