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It is not a "more human" way of communicating; it is an alienating and implies that the system cannot remember that it was, in fact, me who signed in. A more human way to communicate that message is: "(insert user name), you can sign out here when you're ready".


While there isn't much research I could find upon this, Asking a question doesn't necessary act as a prompt. While I would definitely agree on using the question more if you were to speak with a Voice Assistant such as Google Now, SiRi or Cortana; in a Windows application with straightforward prompts such as Click here to Start, I think it's natural to go ...


It is not always about these explicit actions like delete,erase,save..etc.. There can be certain scenarios where user may unknowingly exits from an ongoing critical process. For ex: The user is in the middle of payment and hits the back button. In this scenario the user needs to be alerted.

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