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The idea of these sentences is to build TRUST and to feel PERSONAL Additionally there is the movement of being proud that a product was created in your country as a form of nationalism and content that the thing you are going to use/purchase created jobs and boosted the economy of your own country. Nothing more useable about it tho,besides maybe being ...


UX wise "Made in/with somewhere/something" can definitely add a "personal" touch to your site. However the relevance is completely governed by the sort of project your working on. I see it working everywhere from Apple to coffee shops and you could make it work for yourself, too.


Think it's a variation of how the country of origin is engraved at the back of electronics and other various products. E.g. "made in China" Except in our age a web based or software product might be built across multiple countries. Maybe it's conceptualised in the US, developed in India. So you can't exactly say it was made in a certain country. UX wise ...


Honestly, if you're worrying about Authenticity, almost anyone can emulate the signature you have specified in the dialog box unless there is a unique code you have. A dialog box is a secondary window that prompts an exchange of information between the user and the program. As per the Design Guidelines for Dialog Boxes: Do not use customized dialog ...


That depends on whether the selection within each facet is mutually exclusive. So Author if you can only select one author; authors is you can select more then one. Respectively, this can be seen as whether category items use checkboxes vs radio buttons / links. Compare: To:


Singular, because the final selection is would read as Author : Christopher Alexander


All of this is documented by Google in their writing guidelines. http://www.google.com/design/spec/style/writing.html Use contractions, avoid exclamation marks, be brief, keep it simple, use numerals in place of words, avoid slang, use punctuation when writing more than one sentence, use easy to understand language.

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