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I would call them either "Approved" or "Active". Both are one word just like "Banned" and each conveys the positivity of their status. If pressed, I think I would lean toward "Approved" because you can have inactive approved users as well as active approved users. Here are multiple examples that show both are widely used: ...


I would call them Current Users. With the context of Banned, it makes sense to me that the other tab would be non-banned users. If you wanted a view that was all the users together, you could make a third option that read All Users.


We've had this discussion, and we settled on Active. Our deciding factor was that it's what Google uses on its services (attached image). Also, "Current" is a stronger indicator of someone being on the site "right now" rather than just active on the site in general. Image source


I use the "Active" status in my application to decipher the two. I'd recommend that you perform some quick method of user testing to get some hard data to drive your decision. Based on this article on writing microcopy, the author states: "...microcopy isn’t always obvious. Sometimes you have to hunt to find the right words. (or create an error ...

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