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I don't know if there's any current studies about this, but this is a really easy to set test, so I'd recommend you do your own testing and see by yourself. Other than this, and coming from a marketing background, I think you should avoid other that registration (or something like this, including your option "create account"). If I see something like "start ...


A reported 47% of signups can come from the home page, Sidebar area and exit popup while at the bottom of your content can be up to 73% effective. Here is my source. I believe your answers are there. Home Page 47% Pop-Ups 47% In Content 47% Main Navigation 47% Timed pop-up 13% Bottom 73% Sidebar 47% Exit Pop- Up 47% Content Upgrades ...


a) Serious websites does not have always the best UX b) Big websites have longer development cycles c) Nothing is only bad. Sliders have advantages: focus on single items, possibility to see other items, ... but usually the major user goals are something else

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