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I like @vitaly's answer, but the rest of your proposed solution I think needs work. What's the difference between an 'Account email' and an 'Email address'? I suggest they're the same thing, so use the same term. Why are you collecting a phone number for delivery rather than a password? It seems to me that you could use the same form for both parties: I ...


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups :)


Instead of Yes/No I'd suggest putting the labels on each option: Returning Customer Guest and have one selected by default.


If the checkbox state modifies the form, you could reflect that hierachy by using a different control. Tabs could let the user choose between two different forms instead. Source: Coding Horror Or provide two forms. Source


See, in fact you have 3 clear sets of content+actions, thus this makes it easier to uinderstand how to place elements within those sets. 1st set: Display In this set, you present the product to the user. You may have different content elements (photo, name, price, maybe a short description), but it basically works as a teaser to go to the next step. The ...


I think Benny is right, move the ETA-calculator to the next step. Don't let the user worry about that at this stage (worst case scenario is that you are reminding the buyer that it will take some time to get the goods delivered, and they will not add the item). Also I would call it best practice to place the "add to bag" button more bottom right, think of ...


From the looks of it, I find the size selector put in the wrong column. From numerous other e-commerce sites, you do the selections in the first columns for colors, dates, sizes and everything else. Then, when you’re done you move over to the “Add to CART”-button (Add to Bag in your case). That makes it a conscious and more prominent action than “just” ...

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