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I agree with @Aleksandr Blekh that A/B testing is the best choice to determine "the best UI". Guessing is meaningless. However, I can give you some general suggestions: you have too many pricing plans for users. Generally, it's confusing and makes users give up making any decision. Having 3 options is basically a good idea. the plan you want to promote ...


I don't see a problem with what you have now. "Free practice questions from real exams" catches the eye quite well, but it doesn't detract from the main service you are offering.


You should not re-organize your site, just for promoting a specific feature. The information architecture of your site is a long-term objective, while the promotion is a very short-term. I recommend adding redundant elements for a limited period of time, to promote the new feature. I like the sash you are considering, you could also add links on the home ...


It depends on page to page. When you want a user to do one defined action you direct him with a call to action button. Giving too many might lead to the analysis paralysis or in most cases it makes all if them look equally important and thus leading to lesser conversions.

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