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One thing these cultures have in common is a top-down organization of writing. When a line breaks, both cultures continue writing below what was just written. You could lean on this in your designs. The Flipboard app uses "pages" that flip up and down rather than left and right. I'd start with something along those lines. Maybe new screens slide up from ...


Generally, all ltr interactions, layouts etc. should be be mirrored in the rtl counterpart - anything that gets its position based on eye-flow should be reversed to accommodate a rtl pattern. On the other hand swipe gestures for complete/delete etc. should follow device norms - although they have a direction associated with them, it's not necessarily ...


In order to replace the save icon with something else we need to think about what it does. Evernote has replaced the save command with Synchronise. Even though it will automatically synchronise, the common shortcut for save, "Ctrl + S" / "Command + S" triggers the synchronisation for ease of mind that it has actually been saved.


I would put this on a comment but I don't have enough reputation. In your case I believe the problem is you don't have a good UI for the small actions defined and want to solve it through keyboard shortcuts. Maybe you could rethink the whole process, simplify it an then think again about the shortcuts? Why does it take so many clicks? How many panels can ...

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