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I've got some anecdotal evidence. During the days of the Genesis, I had a custom right handed joystick. I was with 4 friends. Usually they beat me in Street Fighter except i I beat them all thuroughly in Street Fighter: New Challengers. 3 of them tried the right handed stick. All liked it. 2 compared it to a leftie stick. They both preferred right. ...


Show the scrollbar Usability must come first, and the scrollbar is necessary to show users how to use the legend. Once you establish the UX priority, you can then work to calm the layout. Your legend has different colors, fonts sizes, font weights, shades, and difficult non-grid alignment. All of these create UX clutter, which is why you feel like the ...


Putting buttons at the bottom and top of the widget is a bad idea. In my opinion that would signal to the user that scrolling is not an option, and reduce the discoverability of the scrolling feature. You have advanced users, and a complicated interface, so I'm guessing that learnability is not as important as efficiency. Personally, I think your design is ...


You can also refer to this link, http://www.usability.gov/how-to-and-tools/methods/user-interface-elements.html

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