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There are a few pre-made category color sets for Datavis, made by Mike Bostock, that go up to 20 colors: However, in my POV they are not very interesting aesthetically, so if you are into a custom or advanced color work, you could try the ColorBrewer by Cynthia Brewer, as @icc97 said.


No, and in fact most of the default colour palettes of standard applications are not particularly suitable because it is difficult to take into account the number of datasets you are going to plot or display. However, there are a couple of strategies you can consider when you are going to be working with a very large dataset (with many data series): ...


color brewer is designed for maps but it will give you colours that are optimised to be as differentiable as possible. It has a maximum of 12 colour classes


There is no standard list, but there are rules how colors come together or contrast. I use Paletton when I have any questions or doubts about colors. There are plenty of options there to research and experiment. I think it might be a good starting point for your list.

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