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I happen to disagree with the other suggested answers, so let me try to explain why. Appropriateness Is the use of your app in dark environments a core feature of the application? For example this is the case for an e-reader application or navigation application, but is not the case for a messaging application. If it is a core feature then I agree that ...


A good example to consider would be the ibooks app in iOS which allows users to enable the dark theme automatically depending on the light sensor detection. However as PS86 rightly pointed out, dont build this automatically into the system but enable the user to set as a desired parameter. To quote this article, the ibook app enables this by an option ...


Yes, it's a good idea to dynamically change the theming of the application based on lighting. Also remember to add: the ability for the user to turn off dynamically changing the theme based on lighting The ability to change theme regardless of the current lighting ambience Sometimes users prefer having dark theme during the day and vice versa


As a person with low vision affected by glare, I find high contrast white on black so much easier on the eyes! The only time I switch back is to use apps that do not conform and end up hiding text with black on black.

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