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To start with I recommend you use colour combinations with high levels of contrast. You can also play with the alpha opacity (CSS3) to distinguish between hierarchy with the more opaque element being the most prominent. Primary: background-color: rgba(203, 244, 203, 1); Secondary: background-color: rgba(203, ...


I think it would be totally fine with the Edit button contextually relevant to the content or segment. You can try to disable or hide the Edit button when users switch to other segments. But it's true that the location of the button makes it a bit like for the whole page. The alternative approach would be that having the Edit button in the header of the ...


The existing approach you have taken is perfectly fine and doesn't go against iOS guidelines. Try and see if you can place the edit action in footer of the page. Even iOS follows the same convention - check their Clock app and see the Alarm & World Clock tabs. Edit: If you see, the Edit option is same for the World Clock and Alarm Tab

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