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tl;dr 3 positive options, 1 neutral and 1 negative, and that makes 5 in total to strike a balance. The choice of labels and emoji/smiley should target the least negative emotion and the least positive emotion; because you have to cross the minimum threshold to be in the extreme/maximum. If you are fishing for data then this is the best option. Also emotions ...


I'd add annoyed and bored. Happiness sounds like a consequence of being excited or amused and indifferent could just be no vote but if you want to keep it neutral you can use something like: Excited - Amused - Indifferent - Bored - Annoyed


Bias toward positive emotions 3 of the 5 are positive emotions: Happy, Excited, Amused 1 of 5 is nuetral emotions: Indifferent 1 of 5 is negative emotions: Angry You're setting up your ratings for a positive bias from the get go. Terminology Not everyone that doesn't like the content of an article is angry. What if the content is just poorly written, ...


The importance of those numbers is directly related to Social Proof. It validates the quality and relevance of the content by showing other people's interest in it. Quoting Smashing Mag: This principle tells us that we like to observe other people’s behaviour to judge what’s normal, and then we copy it. This article talks about this and other ...

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