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Any Size Now that I have your attention, this might be a blunt statement, but it's intrinsically correct. Whenever you make an user download a file, you need to warn about the possible consequences. As you know, mobile downloads are a beast of its own, and they have rules that don't apply to desktop. They're also affected by: Speed Data Transfer Device'...


Users might get confused that the same UI pattern is used for two different reasons. For the pages example, it's perfectly reasonable to break out that content over many tabs (as you did). For the filter example, I would recommend using another method to display the active filters. Here are two examples:


So if they are not on a WiFi connection, I would have a configurable option to warn if files are greater than ### MB. Some users are likely on an unlimited plan, or are using a phone provided by their company; sounds like your app is an internal app. But in any case, I have a plan that limits my usage to 1 GB/month (and prior plan was like 50 MB/month), so ...


Based on my understanding of how your sticky nav works, the amount of elements you have is fine for several reasons. It already meets the speedy needs of most of your visitors. After looking at Nielsen Norman Group's 5 Types of E-Commerce Shoppers, your site visitors are likely: Product Focused (going in already knowing what they want to purchase) ...

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