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Answer At 200ms you're close to Google's Ideal Server Load Time You should reduce your server response time under 200ms There are small things you can do to decrease the perceived load time: Full Page Loads Work in transitions so the loading bar spends less time on the load screen Provide a loader that users can "play with" Remove the loading ...


If content is engaging, people will read it. That should be enough. You can fine tune your content's copy as much as you want, but you'll need to communicate something, and depending on what you want to communicate, lengths of content blocks will vary. Think about this: an e-commerce site will probably have short blocks of content, because they'll want you ...


There is a concept called perceived performance and it is important just as much as the actual performance. Spinners and loading bars actually call attention to the wait and make your pages look like they are loading slower. Consider removing them If you are waiting for data to load you can try animating the content’s container so that it shrinks and then ...


With this little hack to google analytics, you should be able to track scroll depth to see just how far down the page visitors were scrolling. this will help to break down the content of the page in to segments. Also, Golden Ratio Typography Calculator will help you to get an idea about the font size to line-height ratio depending on the content width.

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