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Until a few years ago I can't remember one toilet doorknob (shaped like a bar) that was in a vertical position when closed. The horizontal position always meant that the door is closed. This seemed to me a convention that had to be followed just to avoid you forget to close the door and when looking at the doorknob you believe that you actually closed it. I ...


Microsoft gave some explanation for these changes to Visual Studio in this article: Visual Studio 11 User Interface Updates Coming in RC (May 2012) (emphasis mine) Another area of requested change relating to user interface controls/chrome has been for us to improve the overall sense of Metro styling within the themes by drawing our own window ...


@Crossfire, correct me if i'm wrong please, have a look at the mobile coin screen in addition, from the last screen (coin details), user also can drag back and forth to check 'previous' / 'next' coin screen. forgive me for not adding that screen. let me know if it works, thank you.


I would approach this using a "Search and Filter" methodology. Your information architecture has multiple levels, but users don't think about content that way. They think more abstractly - as in, "What is the first thing I think about when searching for a specific coin". It could be a date, country, color, detail, text or inscription - or something even more ...

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