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@Scunliffe has already answered the first question. This is my take on the 2nd. First, you should decide if a modal window is required if the only action the user has to take is to click "Ok" The same guidelines from Scunliffe apply. If the message for each frame is just an information the user should read, make it a toaster. This pattern can be seen in ...


It's not recommendable to use the word Cancel in pop-up/alert boxes. You could use another wording like close or quit. You have several good combinations for the buttons, here is just one (for example, you could change Cancel for "No, stay"): download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups In the case you decide to use it, you ...


Just change the text of the button to 'Add Another' or 'Add More' to indicate user has already bought this item and he can add more such items if he prefers. I think ebay or amazon has this type of shopping cart.

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