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"Are you sure" type of confirmation messages are typically shown after button clicks for potentially destructive actions (e.g. irreversibly delete an item) or other actions that can have side effects the user may not know about (e.g. this item will no longer be searchable once its hidden). Most friend requests and invitation processes are single step ...


Why not just doing this? If you have the freedom to change a little more the design you can follow a path to completion approach:


If you can't change the buttons, I would just widen the textarea to the full width of the box. And I would provide a reason for WHY you want me to give you a reason to delete something, like "We can make our service better with your feedback", or something along those lines.


I would say this depends on 2 factors - the expertise of your user and the severity of the action. If the delete function is irreversible or a destructive action, it would be a good idea to get the user to confirm intent. This should rule out accidentally triggering the delete function. On the other hand, if your delete function is a normal interaction done ...

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