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My suggestion: Delete John Doe? You will lose his financing and payout information. [Cancel] [Delete] Make clear what action will occur. Use verbs in the text.


By deleting this person you will also delete (lose) the following related data: financing - x records payout - y records Are you sure you want to delete this person? [Cancel] [Delete] And I would make Cancel the default (enter key)


The answer, not surprisingly, is "it depends on the app". (eg how catastrophic is the loss, is it recoverable, how familiar are users with the app, and other parameters that are specific to your application). But the good news is, you've already laid out the options very thoughtfully in order of progressive levels of disclosure, so you're 90% of the way ...


Loss of data is classified with the highest of severity when it comes to design issues. So only go with option 1 if you are 100% sure that the user will know what he is doing. Option 2 will lead to frustration. The last thing you want to tell your users is that an action may have negative consequences. They'll immediately hesitate, and wish that you'd ...

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