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To me the design reports more on losses than the final result while as I user I am "building the correct record". Maybe if you make the final user and its data the most important on the page it could help. Random thoughts about how: making the updated card visually more important than the deleted one (Some green to updated and some gray to deleted?) ...


I would reduce the information and show the user a window per attribute, but only attributes, where the value will change: When the user clicks on 'Discard' or 'Apply Changes' the next attribute will be shown until all attributes are merged. Update: If you do not want to use one window per attribute, I want to suggest you to list all changes and work ...


Between is not clear - is that Greater than and Less than or Greater than or equals and Less than of equals With the time component people often prefer: Greater than or equals and Less than And users also might want an outside. Just let them enter P twice and on the second limit the operators to the other 3.

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