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Everyone here has already mentioned limiting the number of comments. As an alternative, you could opt for a reading position indicator. What I mean by that: Notice the red bar at the top. It indicates how much of the article you've read so far. A variation on this could be, just showing how high each part (article and comments) is relative to each ...


You could limit the first type of entry (age for example should be a max 3 digits and maybe a dropdown) keeping a lot of space on the same line. Aside the answer you could have a single line entry field with "add comment" or "elaborate" already written inside it. (Think of Facebook's "what's on your mind".)


I asked a question closely related to this - Why Should a User Complete a User Profile? - and offered a bounty, specifically asking for studies or research that show what I wanted to prove. i.e. it's better to have avatars and completed profiles. So I've looked extensively myself, and had several people on here searching, and failed to find such a study. ...

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