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My suggestions are on the same line with others, just with minor differences. Empty Combo Box kept along with Button (and if this empty Combo box does not fill unless button is hit), is definitely not good way to show. If your intention behind keeping this combo box in order to convey the user that the results will be populated in this and he/she needs to ...


I would suggest using something similar to Google Analytics - Goal Creation page. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups This way the user doesn't have to click on the "get list" button, making it easier to use and process.


I have tried to visualize after going through the problem statement. In your use case, there are important things missing. Those are the feedback from system. For example, after entering the URL, username and password, there must be confirmation to user, that he/she has been logged in. And ready to fetch the data from the server. I do not agree with ...


I think you're over-complicating things. I'm suffering myself with the convoluted ways sys admins use to identify web services, so I have a list of server1, server2, server3, server627277277, server[N]. And it seems you're going the same convoluted path. Of course, this causes many issues. The most common one happens when the user forgets which server is ...

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