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Light grey and other light shades on white or another light color are purely evil for some of us. I simply can't read it. Ask some older folks to check your choices on a variety of monitors before feeling everyone should just love licorice-exlax ice cream just because you think it tastes great. It would be nice if people would try these combinations on a ...


I'm faced with that problem every day - both in creating new displays and updating old ones. From experience once you get past two colors you have a mess that is very hard to digest - UNLESS the colors are RARELY used. By rarely I mean that most screens do not have a color and only rarely are there more than 2 or 3 colored (whatever combination) rows on a ...


You are probably asking for colors to communicate too much information. Also, having five different background colors for the rows in your table will be too messy and hard to read. I would suggest something else, like: A star system from one to five stars. Different icons to represent different types of customers. I like the second option, because it ...


You are not allowed to change the color or to use custom logos, if you want to adhere to the use policy. See Twitter policy and Facebook policy

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