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I'm slightly confused. Would this question be answered if I told you about wiring color codes? If so, North America uses black, red, and blue for phases A, B, and C, they are the "hot" wires. Neutral is white and ground is green. For global metric wiring (Europe and China) phase wires are brown, black and gray; ground is green with a yellow stripe and ...


Don't rely 100% on colour to represent status messages, i would suggest using a label with a background colour to support the nature of the status. Just define your colour pallette and remember to keep it consistent with the rest of the modules in your application; Your users will learn what these colours represent and what to expect from these messages.


It totally depends on your user base. If they have color blindness then your idea of using color is all bad. If the chart are for children then animation is a good choice along with sharp colors. If they are professionals then use of subtle colors is necessary.


There isn't a UX answer to this except in the sense of what do your users expect and understand. You need to know your users. In the US red is equated with danger. As a result of it being used in traffic signs it's now associated with stop. Computer interfaces have been using red as failure for a generation now - so that is reasonably understood. As a ...

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