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While I was unable to get a direct empirical study about color psychology for elders, I have gathered a few resources that can answer your question. Resene is a color and paint technology company that published an article about using the right colors for elders. Quoting from the article: Older people can be drawn to soft pastels but they may not have ...


Please have a look at the MIUI lite mode option (XIAOMI), it gives partial answer to your question. About lite mode "The Lite Mode is good for first time smartphone users and the elderly since it doesn't overwhelm with the hundreds of options, settings and apps part of the Android smartphone experience. One can reboot to the full-fledged UI mode by going to ...


I think contrasting colors are the key here, as eye sight weakens when we get older. But what are the colors elderly people prefer? Seems that this is the question for which you should seek answers from other disciplines, first that came to mind was interiors of nursing homes and hospitals. Designers of these spaces might have some insights on the matter.


Since the older generations primarily are used to consuming information in print, I think a good reference would be books and magazines that they read.


Using red for alerts and warnings can be tricky in general. A nice and short article about this is written by David Walsch: http://davidwalsh.name/dont-be-a-f00. In depth information about the systems tone of voice to users can be found in the book About Face 3 by Alan Cooper (a must read btw). One of the general rules is to don't let users feel stupid so ...

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