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Seems like more a graphic design question other than UX. Colour is something that might be the choice of your client and it is very likely that he/they will have a lot of say about it. I would not make colour changes without their consent as I've often experienced that the first thing people will comment about a design is how they like/dislike a colour. As ...


I would rethink the approach, instead of creating Groups, why don't you base everything in relations, that way it's scalable, also because I'm assuming this is about a same system so at the end of the day everything is related. I would also avoid using long numeric ids and would include who is posting the note. Here's a quick mockup:


Using color to tie similar objects together is better than nothing but can fail to get the job done for colorblind users. If you can change the order of the notes consider explicitly tying the groups together as follows...


Among the spreadsheet applications I have used so far, current Apple Numbers has the nicest inline formula editor. It goes beyond mere color-coding. Note how there are no literal parentheses in the screenshot. Traditional math typesetting (e.g. TeX) increases the size of outer brackets sometimes, which can help with deep nesting, but when editing it is ...


I have just recently designed an UI for stripping regular expressions manually, maybe it can help or give you an idea.


What about a tree diagram? Here's an example from Predicate Logic that may be applicable: The end nodes in this case are constants, but in your case should be replaces with expressions. Also, PL has more operators. This is definitely more graspable that just inline bracketed notation. However, editing will probably have to be inline. Consider how ...

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