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I've been in that position. It never looks great. Considering that typically in design you want to a) avoid using pure black background and b) avoid low contrast between background and text, having a color that is in-between white and black will have very low contrast. If possible, try to rethink this design. It's hard to say without any pictures though. ...


Maybe avoid trying to convey this information using colours, after about three or four, the differentiation/punch of using colours is diluted (and this dilution starts to creep in when you've been designing too long and could stand to reassess assumptions). Focus on what the colours are meant to 'do' in a more precise way. What differentiates each item on ...


Google's Material palette is typically easy to combine. The problem may be that, if the rest of your app/site has a more limited or muted palette, it is going to be hard to introduce 10 colors without it looking strange. In that case, maybe explore using shape or icons to do the differentiating.

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