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Rather than RGB values, color perception is better represented as three alternative dimensions, one being darkness, and the other two being the color wheel. The other thing is that human perception does not linearly follow RGB values, so you have to apply some empirically determined transformations. Color differences are then proportional to the Euclidean ...


Keeping in view one of Nielsen heuristic "Match between system and the real world". Red colour is perceived to be for ending anything in progress in real world, for example in tape recorders to stop recording stop button is used which have red dot or circle for identification. Similar, is the case with the televisions in which red colour identifies the ...


I agree it depends on the Context I have a similar project where i am using red color for primary action and white button with red text on it for secondary action....Links are also red and grey... Now for the table of data, the context is changed and now the red color only shows Negative values and green shows positive values and blue is for links....... ...


For readability, it's necessary to have contrast, but not necessary and even detrimental to have too much contrast. Therefore grey background and black text, or white background and grey text (like #383838) is better than white and black. This question goes into more detail, top answer (as this is an internal link I'm not going to summarise (plagiarise lol) ...


I will take white content area for two reasons. Higher contrast between text and text area background. Grey background around text area make the text area optically raised. So the place for content will be more readily distinguishable.


Just ask this question to yourself -- "what would I recognize as a place to type in? A white box? Or a dark box?" Since you are talking about a textarea where user has to type something, it is good to leave the input area lighter..


The second example has less contrast between the text and the background. This will make the text harder to read than the first one. I would go for better readability.

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