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I'm currently doing a usability study for a site that has a very dark color palette (mostly black) and the participants have all been remarking how they like the design. So no, color palette alone is not going to make your site untrustworthy.


I depends on your target users, and the context you are using it in. There are no hard and fast rules about a specific colour being bad. For example, a dark colour for the website of a supermarket chain might give people pause for thought, but be perfectly fine for a site like thinkgeek. Blue - Tends to be used to indicate corporate websites, or online ...


A black website isn't a bad thing and I do not believe it will affect users' trust. I did a little research to verify my answers and I could find no articles that supported an argument for black negating a users trust. Most articles define black as a color that is used for luxury products. It also is used commonly for impulse buys. You can see the details of ...


The instinct of whether to trust a site is affected by many different things, some of them conscious, some not. The decision of whether to trust will not be based entirely upon colour. There will be a multitude of cues that will help or hinder trust! Let's say that like in your example, the branding and colours used on the site are very much in tune with ...

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