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In my career path I ran into a few people who didn't really understand values of UX or UX practices. My answer would be they all are individuals and their reasons are individual, too, so in my cases I addressed each case separately. As for the A/B testing, as any specialised tool, it has lot's of limitations. I would take the data gotten from it with ...


Let's reverse the question. How would a colleague be able to convince YOU that your ideas are not good and that time shouldn't be spent mocking up your ideas? What evidence would you need? Their opinion obviously would not convince you to say. "Yeah. You're right. What a silly idea." I would gather that articles and books by recognized authorities would be ...


I've been using Invision for a while and it allows to setup very simple interactions and also supports project collaboration.


Allowing people to edit different versions of a document, and then merging the edits in a satisfactory way, is a complex task. Any adequate interface to implement this will be fairly complicated. Your simplified system is quite problematic: A user editing a certain document expects to be editing that document, not a copy. To discover after the fact that ...

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