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It's definitely not bold/radical since this has been done before. Anyway, I'd argue that it's not really user friendly. You're asking the user to take a leap of faith (ok, just once but that's one too many). Why not opt for this variation of your idea. For a non-action dialog, place an x-mark in the upper right corner but actually make the entire lightbox ...


I've seen this behavior both on mobile, touch UIs as well as on web, mouse UIs. The mobile use cases were exactly as you describe, dimissing pop-ups by tapping the darkened area around it. The web use cases were mostly dismissing image overlays. (Sorry, I have no references at hand.) Although I would wonder as a UX Designer whether I should eliminate the ...


Id say that it would be a flawed pattern that can't withhold consistency. Sure, it would work for instances where there is only one action available ("OK" or "Close" etc.), but when the popup is a dialog requesting a decisive action from the user this pattern can't be used, since tapping outside the popup won't provide enough feedback of which option the ...


You must have a clearly marked exit (Jakob Nielsen - Usability Engineering). You should have two buttons labeled "OK" and "Cancel". Do NOT add an "X", to avoid confusion.

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