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A simple way is to give the user an option to insert what's more confortable for him, like: ( ) Male ( ) Female ( ) Other: [Text field] -- if selected, opens the field below: -- How do you want to be called: [list to choose: Mr, Ms, 'no need for that', etc.] What do you think about this? :)


In a comment you say you're asking for male/female simply so you can address them correctly. I interpret that to mean you're corresponding with them as "Dear Mr Lastname" or "Dear Ms Lastname." So you could ask for that specific information. Here in the US we sometimes see registration forms asking users to choose "Mr" or "Ms" as a title, though these days ...


I have answered a similar question before. If this data is crucial, and you have to ask, use "Gender". Biological sex is too sensitive as a subject and you might steer some of the TA away if you use it.


You are asking a question about sex/gender initially, so I'll answer that first. To begin, what is the point of the data? How will you and your company use this data? For example, will it help identify what types of advertisements to display? Anyhow, it's always good to start with understanding why you are doing something in the first place. This will help ...

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