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It looks fine to me, I believe the terminology "we host a version for you" isn't great, perhaps:


Landing pages are typically focused on ONE type of customer. Additional/ parallel customers would need their own landing pages. So ideally, you'd be focusing on getting the user to do one thing. More options on a page doesn't translate into more interaction from users; it takes away the user's intent. If you go through the landing pages featured on ...


You can use a type of switch control to let user choose option. Switching to the different option will change the list below. Highlighted part is a good header for the list, too:


Without know what the options are it's harder to say if these solutions will work, so hope fully this works in your context. I'd maybe break this up in to two steps, you choose the your first option, then your second. But the mix of radio, then select boxes seems strange (again unsure of the content), so maybe something like:


How about: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups The reason why a tabular view is not recommended is because the user will not be able to see all of the data at once, allowing him/her to compare what's offered. Just make sure it's quite obvious what is selected and what isn't. Also keep an eye on hierarchy. Best of ...


Disable the non-active combobox. Leave it visible, but grayed out, so that only the selected one is interactive. But can I ask why it's split into radio buttons with comboboxes? What kind of options is the user actually picking here?

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