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What you have described here is not 'childishly' colourful - The colours represent different information: the colour has meaning beyond decoration. Scratch colour codes its code blocks according to what type of element they are (variable, logic operations, flow operations, etc) in a similar way that Sublime Text (and many other code editors) does: This ...


Instead of a password, how about a passphrase? Kind of like needing to know the secret phrase to enter the club house. Passphrases tend to be less hackable by the nature of its length.


I would tone down those colours a little. Two of the effects of colour on a screen are physiological and have nothing at all to do with the age of a user, but everything to do with the physics of eyes. Firstly, all eyes suffer from chromatic aberration. You cannot bring red and blue into focus on your retina at the same time. (If you display a pure red ...


Colorful? Yes, Childish? no. Color has a huge place in design, especially in any sort of coding IDE as pointed out by other answers, color helps indicate to the user what the function of each word is. Bright colors are probably fine to use too, but mute the colors down from the mock up you give. Neon colors on a white background are a little hard to look at ...


In particular, avoid black on red (use white or yellow instead) or black text with any dark color. In other words, use text that contrasts well with the background. Andrew Martin made a great point in his answer: Children in this age range are starting to develop more sophisticated sensibilities. But at any age, a more subdued color palette with selective ...


I am afraid there might be no other way around. You should conduct some user research, or get in touch with somebody who is familiar with the whole process, if you want to do things by the book. And it seems you do. User research with children - I can only imagine what a challenge that could be, but here's a bit of help: Ideas for Conducting UX Research ...


Just thought I'd throw this out there. A significant % of people are colour blind. Colours can be useful, but also don't neglect size, outlines, etc. I really liked outlines as a kid and visually that is the thing that strikes me as the most useful; to me the colouring makes it too busy. I would try to at least add some meaning to the colouring.


I think you should show a usual password field at first. Those users that come up with a secure enough (according to your rules) password shouldn’t be bothered with additional reading or even a password choosing wizard. You could show a password strength checker. Users that initially decided to use a password that’s not secure enough might reconsider when ...


I would lean to the "correct horse battery staple" example. You will bring in the concept of entropy; of calculation time and kids will have a fun time linking words together: "chocolate booger factory"; "mets rule yankees drool"; "teachers leave those kids alone"; and whatever else middle school kids can think of.

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