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It is. School is an auto gamification pointing system (no badges) so it will be stressful by adding rewards (or not giving to low scores -> double disappointment)


I wouldn't add gamification to education. School is not just a place where you learn math and physics, it is a place where you get to learn how to function within a society. It prepares you for your professional future. No job offers gamification to its employees. And I doubt that senior management would embrace it even if somebody told them they should ...


Gamification is a layer you add on top of an activity/subject to make learners have more interest on the subject. This means that this is only relevant for tasks that provide low intrinsic motivation. Let me expand on this. Tasks with high intrinsic motivation These are tasks you are willing to do, or even pay to do them. Driving a car is such an activity: ...


There already exists gamification in some schools. When I was introduced in Computer Science, we simply started with programming a game. Almost every student was totally into this course, additional excercises to get more "out of the game" pushed our motivation even harder. The best result was presented every week in front of the class and this pushed as ...

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